Concrete Joint Sealing | Sidewalk | Parking Lot

Concrete Joint Sealing | Sidewalk | Parking Lot | Sika Flex

For over 25 years, commercial property managers have trusted us with theirĀ concrete joint sealingĀ projects, including:

  • shopping centers
  • airports
  • industrial facilities
  • hotels
  • HOA streets
  • apartments
  • large churches
  • schools and universities

Concrete joint sealingĀ is the best way to protect your concrete from the elements and extend the life of your pavement. Joint sealing prevents water penetration below the concrete. If joints are left unfilled, the water may freeze below the concrete and lead to pavement failure and trip hazards.

Regular inspection of your concrete joints and budgeting for annual preventive maintenance will save you significantly in future repairs and liability.

Benefits of concrete joint sealing:

  • cost effective
  • keeps joints clean and sightly
  • reduces water infiltration
  • prevents further damage
  • reduces future costs
  • extends pavementā€™s life
  • maintains a uniform pavement surface
  • simple to budget annually
  • increase pavement safety
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  • Urethane joint filling
  • Parking lot joint sealing
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